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Installer and App Studionew
The new Installer is integrated in the App Studio.

Single Sign-Onnew
Configure the Federated Identity Management to implement the singe sign-on for multiple modules of a large application.

Roadmap 2023 - 2024new
Glance into the future with Roadmap 2023-2024 and learn what is comping next!

App Studio (aka v9) Roadmap 2023new
Take a look at the App Studio Roadmap to see the feature and delivery schedule of the new development tools embedded in the live apps.

How To: Debug With Any User Account
Learn how to debug your app with any user account when you do not know the password.

How To: Edit Row On Start
Learn how to start a grid row in edit mode when a page is loaded.

Barcode Reader
Built-in barcode reader handles 1-D and 2-D barcodes.

Offline App Example
Build an app that works in online and offline modes with the step-by-step instructions.

Online + Offline = Your Apps
Brief introduction to the offline-first app development with Code On Time.

Offline Sync Add-On 
Learn how Offline Sync Add-on can change your apps.

Preview And Debugging of Installed Apps
Learn how to debug and preview an installed app with Code On Time.

Progressive Web Apps
Apps created with Code On Time are Progressive Web Apps. Users can install your app from browsers on Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Windows.

Many-To-Many Tags Input
Searching and filtering in the many-to-many fields is finally here!

Device Authorization Flow
Future-proof your apps with the Device Authorization Grant flow!

RESTful Workshop
Learn to build applications with the built-in RESTful API Engine.

ETag and HTTP Caching
Build high performance applications by taking advantage of the HTTP protocol.

Universal Data Caching
Give your applications a boost with Universal Data Caching.

BLOBs with RESTful API
Work with the BLOB resources like a pro.

Custom Actions with Hypermedia
Go beyond CRUD with Custom Actions.

CRUD with Hypermedia
Learn to create, read, update, and delete with Hypermedia.

OAuth 2.0 Configuration in Postman
Learn to configure Postman for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code flow with PKCE.

Level 3 REST API in Code On Time applications.
Learn about RESTful Apps With Hypermedia

Price Changes - the product prices are changing.
New pricing for Code On Time and Offline Sync

December / January 2022 Roadmap - learn what is coming next.
REST API v2, PWA, Barcode Scanning, and Content Hub

Roadmap 2022/2024 - learn more about the long term roadmap.
Learn about v9, v10, and much more!

"Actions" Lookup Style - include actions in the flow of data fields.

2-Factor Authentication - learn about multi-factor authentication.

August/September 2021 Roadmap - Learn what's coming next.

Real Time User Interface Customization - Learn about data controller virtualization.

Drag, Cut, Copy, and Paste - learn the basics of drag & drop and how to cut, copy, and paste the data rows.

Responsive Grids - learn to set the responsive width of grid columns.

Drawing Pad - graphical annotations and sketches

Image Preprocessing - learn to configure preprocessing of images

Icons, Icons, Icons - learn to link the 3rd pary icon web fonts to the app.

Navigation Menu - three placement options for navigation menu.

Lines, Lines, Lines - learn about horizontal and vertical lines in Touch UI and how to control them.

Virtual Keyboards - numeric values, telephone numbers, and custom value types.

Universal Input and Focus Highlighting - new input focus styles.

Light or Dark? - automatic theme detection.

Reading Pane - the built-in option to display the details of the selected record side-by-side with the master list.

New Community Site is coming soon to The previous posts accumulated over the past 10 years will be included.

Prerequisites Issue If you are working with Code On Time and earlier then install prerequisites manually when prompted. Please follow instructions at

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