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  Preparing Report for Customization

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Preparing Report for Customization

Let’s prepare the report template for customization.

On the Project Designer toolbar, press Develop to open the project in Visual Studio.

In the Solution Explorer, double-click on ~\Reports\OrderDetails_report1.rdlc file.

Custom report template RDLC file selected in the Solution Explorer.

The default report template includes all the fields present in the view.

Default order report template.

Let’s start over with a clean slate. Press Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut to select all elements in the report. Right-click and press Delete.

Deleting all default elements from the report template.

The report implementation strategy requires either filtering or grouping of data.

Strategy Description
Simple Filtered Report This template requires data filtering for accurate presentation of data. It is easier to implement.
Report with Multi-Level Grouping This template groups order details first by CustomerID, and then by OrderID. The data does not have to be pre-filtered for accurate presentation. The report customization is more complex.