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  Resizing Data Fields

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Resizing Data Fields

Let’s change the length of the data field text boxes to match the expected text length.

In the Project Explorer, right-click on Orders / Views / editForm1 / c1 – Orders node, and press Show All Data Fields.

Show All Data Fields context menu option for 'c1 - Orders' category node.

This will open a grid of data fields in the Project Browser window. Mouse over the field Freight, click on the dropdown activator, and press Edit.

Edit context menu option for Freight data field.

Enter “5” in the Cols property, press Save to save the data field.

Freight 'Cols' property changed to 5.

Also change the following data fields:

Field Name Cols
ShipName 30
ShipAddress 30
ShipCity 30
ShipRegion 30
ShipPostalCode 30
ShipCountry 30

Press Browse, and wait for the page to load. Start editing any order, and you will see that the data fields have been resized.

Data fields in the Orders edit form have been resized.