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External Url

Web applications may need to integrate with external websites. An application navigation menu option pointing to an external URL will be created if a page has its External Url property set to the URL of the resource. Application generator will not create a physical application page when External Url property is not blank.

Start the Project Designer. On the Project Explorer toolbar, click the New Page icon.

New Page icon on the toolbar of Project Explorer.

Give this page the following settings:

Property Value
Name CodeOnTime
Index 1005
External Url
Path Code On Time
Title Code On Time

Press OK to save the page. On the toolbar, press Browse.

The new page will show up in the navigation menu and site map.

Code On Time navigation menu option is displayed.

Clicking on the link will navigate to the External Url specified previously.

Clicking on the menu item will navigate to the link.

Go back to the Project Designer. Drag the Code On Time page node onto Customers page node.

Drag Code On Time page node onto Customers page node.     Code On Time page node placed at the end of Customers.

Right-click on Customers / Code On Time page node, and select New Child Page.

Create New Child Page for Code On Time page node

Proceed to create three child pages with the following properties:

Name Title External Url
Download Download
Learn Learn
Buy Buy

The Project Explorer page configuration hierarchy should look like the picture below:

Three new child pages added under Code On Time page node.

Exit the Designer, select Settings option, and select Layouts. Change the menu presentation style to Advanced Two-Level.

Change the menu presentation style to Advanced Two-Level.

Press Finish, and then generate the web application.

Mouse over the Customers menu option. The advanced menu will open with the CodeOnTime and all child menu options visible.

Code On Time and child pages displayed in the advanced two level menu.

If you want the links to open in a new browser window, then change the External Url to start with “_blank:”.

Name External Url
Download _blank:
Learn _blank:
Buy _blank: