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The footer is displayed at the bottom of every page in a web app. The text will display a standard copyright message by default.

Default footer copyright text displayed at the bottom of the page.

Let’s customize the footer content.

Changing the Footer Text

Start the web app generator and click on the project name. Select Settings, and click on Features. In the Copyright text box, enter the following:

Property New Value
&copy;<b> Code On Time LLC</b> All rights reserved.

Press Finish, and then press Generate to continue regenerating the web app. Notice that the new copyright message is displayed.

The customized footer content displayed at the bottom of the page.

A custom user control may be used when more complex or dynamic content is necessary.

Placing a Custom User Control in the Footer

In the Project Explorer, right-click on Customers / page container node, and press New Control.

Creating a new control in the 'page' container.

Next to the User Control lookup, click on the New User Control icon.

Creating a new user control.

Assign a name to the new user control:

Property Value
Name CustomerFooter

Press OK to save the user control. Press OK to add the control to the Customers page.

Right-click on Customers / page / control1 – CustomerFooter control node, and press Rename.

Renaming the 'control1' control on the Customers page.

Change the name to “footer” and press Enter key to apply the change.

The name of the control has been changed to 'footer'.

On the toolbar, press Browse. Notice that the user control has replaced the footer content.

The user control has replaced the footer content.