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Multiple Row Selection

The default configuration of a Code On Time web application is to allow a selection of a single data row on all pages. The screen shot below demonstrates a single row of Suppliers selected in the Northwind sample.

Data row 'Selection Mode' is set to 'Single' in the data view of suppliers in a Code On Time web application

You can enable a multiple row selection on all application pages as follows.

Select the project name on the start page of the application generator and choose Settings.

Select Features in the menu of settings. Activate feature group Grid Properties.

Toggle “on” the option Enable multiple selection in all grid views and click Finish button.

Enabling multiple row selection in all data views on a Code on Time web application

Select Refresh option to refresh the project settings. Click Refresh button without selecting any data controllers.

Press Generate to have the application reconfigured with the new feature. The default web browser will display the application.

Now you can select multiple data rows in all application data views presenting lists of records.

Multiple row selection mode enabled in a data view of a web app created with Code On Time web application generator

Note that only intrinsic Delete action and batch update support multiple row selection.

You can create custom business rules or an SQL action to implement business logic applicable to multiple selected data rows.

You can also enable multiple row selection on individual page data views.