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When a text field contains many lines of information, the value will be truncated in read mode, such as the Notes field in the picture below.

Notes field of Employees edit form string data truncated in read mode.

The entire text can be displayed if the Text Mode property of the data field is set to “Note”.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Controllers tab. Double-click on Employees / Fields / Notes field node.

Notes field of Employees controller in Code On Time Project Explorer.

At the top of the Designer window, switch to the Data Fields tab. Make the following changes to each data field:

Property New Value
Cols 100
Rows 10
Text Mode Note

Notes data fields with '70' columns, '10' rows, and Text Mode of 'Note'.

Save the data fields, and click Browse on the tool bar.

When the web application opens in your default browser, navigate to the Employees tab and view an employee record. The entire text of the field is displayed.

Notes field of Text Mode 'Note' not truncating string data in read mode.

Press Edit. The text will not immediately become editable – instead, two links will appear underneath.

When the form is in edit mode, a Notes field will display two links to edit and delete.

If you click on the edit link, the text will become editable. If you click on the delete link, the field will be cleared.

Clicking on edit under a Notes field will allow the user to edit the note.