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  Configuring Hierarchy

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Configuring Hierarchy

The “hierarchy-parent” tag can be used to present a hierarchical view of information.

Note that hierarchy is only available in the second generation data sheet view.

First, create the HR sample web application using Oracle Database Engine.

Adding a New Page

When generation is complete, activate the Project Designer. On the Project Explorer toolbar, click on the New Page icon.

Creating a new page.

Assign a name to the page:

Property Value
Name Hierarchy

Press OK to save. Drop the new Hierarchy page node on the right side of Home page to place it second in the menu.

Dropping Hierarchy page onto Home page.     Hierarchy page is second in the menu.

Switch to the Controllers tab. Right-click on EMPLOYEES data controller and press Copy.

Copying EMPLOYEES controller.

Switch back to the Pages tab. Right-click on Hierarchy page and press Paste. The data controller will be instantiated as a data view.

Pasting onto Hierarchy page.     The data view has been instantiated as a data view in a container on the page.

Configuring Hierarchy in Data Sheet

Double-click on Hierarchy / c101 / view1 (EMPLOYEES) / grid1 view node.

View 'grid1' of EMPLOYEES controller.

Change the view type.

Property New Value
Type Data Sheet

Press OK to save. Double-click on Hierarchy / c101 / view1 (EMPLOYEES) / grid1 / MANAGER_ID –> MANAGER_LAST_NAME data field node.

Data field 'MANAGER_ID' of view 'grid1'.

Tag the data field as the hierarchy parent.

Property New Value
Tags hierarchy-parent

Press OK to save.

Viewing the Results

On the toolbar, press Browse. The data sheet will now be organized according to the hierarchy.

Hierarchy in the Oracle sample database.