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The Columns property allows specifying the width of a data field.

For example, the Employee Last Name field in Orders edit form has been configured as an Auto Complete lookup. Note that the field takes up a lot of horizontal space.

Employee Last Name field takes up a lot of horizontal space.

Let’s reduce the width of the field.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Controllers tab and double-click on Orders / Views / editForm1 / c1 – Orders / EmployeeID data field node.

EmployeeID data field node in 'editForm1' view of Orders controller.

Change the Columns property:

Property New Value
Columns 15

Press OK to save the data field. On the toolbar, press Browse.

Navigate to the Orders page and edit an order. The Employee Last Name field will take up the specified number of logical columns.

Employee Last Name field takes less horizontal space.