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An action group is a collections of actions placed in in a specific area of the user interface. Action group scope determines determines if the actions are rendered as:

  • Context menu of the first column in grid view
  • Push buttons in a dedicated action column of grid view
  • Push buttons in the form view
  • One and two level menu options on the action bar of any view type
  • Push buttons under the selected row of a grid view

Action Group Properties:

Property Description
Action Group ID Specifies the unique identifier for the action group.
Controller Specifies the controller that the action belongs to.
Flat Rendering When enabled, actions on the action bar will be displayed individually, instead of under a menu. Only applies to action groups with Scope of “Action Bar”.
Header Text Specifies the text displayed for the action group activator.
Scope Specifies where the actions are displayed. Available options are: Grid, Action Column, Form, Action Bar, Row.

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Common Tasks:

Task Description
"Action Column" Scope Learn how to enable action column on all data views in the web application.
Controlling "Action Column" Presentation with CSS Learn how to use cascading style sheets to modify the appearance of the action column.