Pages / Containers

Containers are placed on pages, and hold instances of data controllers (data views) and custom user controls (controls).

Container Properties:

Property Description
CSS Class Name Assigns a custom CSS class to the container.
CSS Style Properties Assigns CSS styling rules to the container.
Flow Determines how the container is rendered on the page. If Flow is “New Row”, then the container will be rendered in the next container row. If Flow is “New Column”, then the container will be rendered in a new column to the right of the previous container.
Id The Id of the container is automatically assigned when the container is created. It can be changed using the Rename context menu option in the Project Explorer.
Page Specifies which page the container belongs to.
Width Specifies how much horizontal space the container will take up. It can use percentage of the page width, or an exact pixel width.

Learn to work with containers in the Project Designer.

Learn to drag and drop containers in the Project Explorer.

Common tasks:

Task Description
Extending Pages Learn to break down page layout into multiple containers.
Configuring Master-Detail Relationships Learn to configure a master-detail page with multiple levels.
Grouping Data Views in the Same Container Learn to hide child data views when the master data view becomes invisible.