Wednesday, November 1, 2023
November 2023 Hotfix

The following features and bug fixes are included in the release

  • (Framework) The errors are displayed as notifications when evaluating the availability of actions in the given context. Developers will see a notification displayed if there is an error while evaluating the When Client Script expression specified on an action. Such expressions are written in JavaScript and allow implementing the conditional availability of actions.
  • (Framework) The legacy syntax [FieldName] will not conflict with the new recommended method of referencing fields in the When Client Script expressions of actions. The recommended syntax is this.FieldName. For example, this.UnitPrice > 100.
  • (Designer) The Windows-based legacy designer does not crash when selecting the Controllers, Fields and a few other nodes in the Project Explorer.

We are aggressively executing on the roadmap of the App Studio, the new embedded development environment for applications created with Code On Time. The App Studio is available in the apps with the HTML page model and Touch UI. Make sure to inspect the various user interface elements of your application and view their properties in the new Project Explorer hierarchy.

Developers that rely on the ASPX page implementation or Classic UI will have an opportunity to try the new tools in the upcoming releases. The project list and the standalone tools will appear directly in the same page that presently provides the newsfeed when the app generator is started.


The Project Explorer hierarchy is displayed when a field in form or grid/list/cards is inspected. An individual without any understanding of the application will have instant access to the project configuration directly from the live app running on the locahost in their favorite browser. The hierarchy is working in the readonly mode in this release.

A few clicks allow making changes to the application behavior in the Settings hierarchy in a live application running on the localhost.


Click the Settings button on the App Studio toolbar to activate the Settings hierarchy. Multiple properties can be configured directly in the live application right now.