Thursday, August 10, 2023
August 2023 Hot Fix #1

The release fixes the corruption of the code generation library files that was taking place occasionally during the installation with the new browser-based installer. It will re-enable the ability to create new projects with the Unlimited Edition of Code On Time.

App Studio is replacing the Windows-based design and development tools of Code OnTime with the browser-based alternative. Please make sure to install this release and try out your existing projects. The new capabilities will be added to the App Studio with every new release. The project management will migrate from the start page of the app generator to the homepage of the App Studio. Eventually the app generator will start the App Studio in the default browser on the developer’s workstation and exit. App Studio will invoke the generator in the command-line mode to generate your apps.


The App Studio homepage performs a check for product updates. The code generation library updates are downloaded and installed automatically. The user interface of the app generator remains hidden during installation.