Friday, March 1, 2013
Geo Tagging, “OR” in Quick Find, DB2, PostgreSQL, Data Sheet Preview

Code On Time release introduces the following features and enhancements:

  • Quick Find supports "OR" if comma “,” or semicolon ";" are entered by the user. Expressions, such as "40 biscuit, beverages 10" are now supported. Quick Find will also skip "aliased" fields when composing a 'where' clause.
  • Geo Tagging has been introduced in the client library to allow tagging data with latitude/longitude of the geographical location of the user at the time of data entry.
  • Preview of 2nd generation data sheet view is integrated in the release. The new implementation supports horizontal scrolling and freezing of columns, vertical scrolling of data rows, and rendering of hierarchies in projects based on SQL Server and Oracle. 
  • PostreSQL database engine is now supported.
  • DB2 database engine is now supported.
  • Virtualization node set plugin CreateBusinessRule assigns “id” attribute to enable dynamic registration of business rules.
  • Designer correctly saves data fields when "Code Filter" property is changed.
  • Navigation button is displayed correctly in IE10.
  • Grid view templates are compatible with JavaScript business rules.
  • Rich Text fields in modal form views will not raise an exception when a field value is changed and the form is closed.
  • Data field support new "Tag" property to support column freezing, hierarchies, geo-location, and other future client library enhancements.
  • Projects with custom membership correctly integrate an authentication module used to authenticate export and REST requests.
  • Batch edit will correctly retain the selection of "update" checkboxes in the views with large number of fields.