Friday, June 28, 2013
“Data-” Attributes, Chart, and Import Processor Enhancements

Code On Time release includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Legacy attributes with the namespace "factory:*" previously used in the page markup were replaced with "data-" attributes to ensure compatibility with the upcoming Mobile Client Library, Cloud On Time, and SaaS Integration feature in Unlimited edition.
  • Chart views will retain the height after the first rendering.
  • Chart views will render with the correct width and height in FireFox.
  • Import processor allows overriding error reporting and handling.
  • Fixed the issue with the Login page title not being assigned correctly.
  • Fixed closed "placeholder" spans in Main.master.
  • Fixed the bug in lookups with the style “Auto Complete” that was freezing actions in data views.

Mobile Client Library and 2nd Generation Datasheet View are planned for the next release.

Mobile feature will be based on the latest jQuery Mobile 1.3.

Next release is also expected to include SaaS Integration  feature to enable integration of Web Site Factory, Web App Factory, and Azure Factory apps with any hosting platforms without the need to create native apps. This will dramatically increase ability to create a “cloud” solution from any existing web app created with Code On Time.