Thursday, September 1, 2011
IE6, Azure Publishing, Time Processing

Code On Time update has introduced the following enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Improved support for IE6 in the client library.
  • Publishing of web applications created with Azure Factory is now using Windows Azure SDK 1.4. Previous release would fail to create a deployment package if Windows Azure SDK 1.3 was not installed.
  • Time processing has been improved for all locals / cultures. If you have a date field then you can enable the time component on the such field if you change the Data Format String property of a data field in a view or the field a data controller to “g” or “G”.  
    User can now enter time 0518 or 5 18 (space between hours and minutes) and the time will be correctly formatted according to the current culture properties.
    Time selector rendered next to time component of a data field shows 48 intervals, 30 minutes each. The intervals start from the current hour. Intervals are correctly formatted according to the web application culture.
  • File upload/download mechanism is now using data fields of editForm1 to update the utility fields. Previous version of the application framework would not have updated the utility field values if the data fields were not present in grid1.
  • URL Hashing now works with View Details. Previous implementation was not encrypting links produced by “View Details” arrow that is typically present next to lookup fields.
  • Incorrect processing of single word table and column names has been fixed. Last update has introduced a bug that has affected older project. 
    If you have a table named “customer” or “CUSTOMERS” and there is a column named “address” or “ADDRESS” then the code generator would incorrectly label the corresponding objects as “ CUSTOMERS” or “ customers and “ ADDRESS” or “ address”. Notice the leading space character in front of the label.
    We have resolved the issue to allow correct processing of old projects created prior to the update. There is a possibility that a new project that was started last week will get affected. If you observe that the order of data fields has changed then please re-order your fields once more.
  • Presence of image fields in a data controller will not affect the height of data rows in automatic reports unless the data view explicitly includes a reference to an "image” field.
  • Sample SQL Server database Contact Manager includes an improved data set. 
  • Data access objects now support passing of FieldValue parameters when calling Select and SelectSingle methods.
  • Text Mode property of data fields displays “Auto” instead of “Text” in designer.

We expect to release the next update by the end of the next week and are planning to roll out DotNetNuke Factory. SharePoint Factory will follow shortly thereafter.

New project releases were delayed to allow stabilization of the recent changes to the core application framework and client library.