Thursday, January 20, 2011
Charting Preview

Code On Time announces support for new type of view called “Chart”. The feature is based on the excellent charting capabilities built into chart component available in Microsoft Data Visualization tools.

Chart views are similar to grid views. An additional configuration step requires selection of a chart type.  A developer will also have to indicate which data fields will be rendered as X and Y values. Web application generator automatically configures appropriate presentation for the selected chart type.  A dedicated chart control is created for each chart view defined in an application. This will allow precise customization of the chart presentation.

End User Capabilities

The new feature allows advanced data visualization with adaptive filtering and sorting. 


Adaptive filters are available from the first option on the action bar.


The next screen shot shows the view with multiple value filters applied to the data.


An alternative access to the chart filters is available though the view selector as presented in the next screen shot.


Chart views automatically fit into the real estate available in the data view container. Learn more about data view containers at



The chart view support will be shipped in the release scheduled to go out this week. The initial release will support charting in ASP.NET 4.0 projects only with a limited set of chart types. We expect to support dozens of chart types that will require no programming.

Developers will be able to customize charts manually to take the full advantage of data visualization components.

The feature will be included in Premium and Unlimited subscriptions.

The new feature does not require any external components.