Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Masked Edit Format

Data Aquarium Framework supports client-side masked editing in all views through the JavaScript component MaskedEditBehavior avaiable in  Ajax Control Toolkit. You can see a live sample of this component in action here.

Mask Type 

Type of validation to perform:
None - No validation
Number - Number validation
Date - Date validation
Time - Time validation
DateTime - Date and time validation

Mask Characters and Delimiters

9 - Only a numeric character
L - Only a letter
$ - Only a letter or a space
C - Only a custom character (case sensitive)
A - Only a letter or a custom character
N - Only a numeric or custom character
? - Any character
/ - Date separator
: - Time separator
. - Decimal separator
, - Thousand separator
\ - Escape character
{ - Initial delimiter for repetition of masks
} - Final delimiter for repetition of masks


9999999 - Seven numeric characters
99\/99 - Four numeric characters separated in the middle by a "/"

Here is how you can define a mask directly in the data controller descriptor:

<field name="Phone" type="String" label="Phone" 
maskType="None" mask="999-999-9999" />

Code OnTime Designer fully supports both mask and maskType.